Links to other web sites you might enjoy visiting, plus some recommended books and other things:

Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of
Goddesses in Older Women (a must-read for all elderwomen) and Crones Don't Whine, has
a web site which links elderwomen
all over the world through the Million Circles project.

Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of White Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance
runs wisewoman workshops. See her web site at

Angeles Arrien, author of The Nine Muses, The Four-Fold Way, Signs of Life and The Tarot Handbook has produced tapes
about the aging process. Check out her web site at

Crone Chronicles magazine - the first magazine specifically for crones - is no longer being printed, but the website gets better and better. It is now more of an 'e-zine.' All the previous issues are archived, and there are wonderful links to other elderwoman sites.
www.cronechronicles.com And guess what! There are now plans afoot to bring this wonderful magazine back in print. Watch this space for news.

A Call to Power invites women take part in the sacred evolution of our planet. "The present imbalance of energy on earth has placed all life in danger," the Grandmother's declare. "It is time to return balance, and for this, women must lead."

The Grandmothers Speak...

A Call to Power.......

A group of elderly women who call themselves "The Great Council of Grandmothers" appeared to Sharon McErlane one day as she was walking her dog.

"Earth has suffered too long from an excess of yang and insufficient yin," they said. "We have come to correct this."

Meet Sharon and hear, through her, the words of the Grandmothers, at


Birthing the Crone
Menopause & Aging through an Artist's Eyes

Artist Helen Redman explores mid life transformation through her art


Getting Together
Crone's Counsel. An annual gathering of elderwomen. Find out about it at:

Crones in Los Angeles
Click on www.angelcitycrones.org. to meet this lively bunch (and to see links to other local, crone groups)

Three day retreats at a country house in Shropshire, England, for "Women Exploring the Second Half of Life" http://www.thegrange.uk.com

"Hearth Elders"
A year-long exploration of what it means to become an elder. Held in Somerset, England. Click here for more details.


"Gather the Women" Millions of women throughout the world are continuing to join in aglobal conversation to support one another in maintaining the call for world peace and harmony and positive change through collaborative action. Click banner for details..


Women of Wisdom is an internationally recognized organization that provides diverse and innovative programs offering women opportunities for personal growth and transformation, including an annual conference on women’s spirituality held each February in Seattle, Washington.
Click the wheel, below, for details.


Green Things.......
An organization very dear to Marian's heart is GreenSpirit

You can find out what that is all about at www.greenspirit.org.uk 

Want to meet an unusual and wonderfully 'green' elderwoman ?
Go to Margaret Rainbow Web's site at

What about.....


Great books on becoming a wise
elder (male OR female) are Rabbi Schachter Shalomi's From Aging to Sage-ing and Ram Dass' Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing and Dying

Have you read Barbara Walker's
book The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom and Power ?

The elderwoman is part of a revolution. Read Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson's book : The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World and you will see why so many of tomorrow's old women will be elderwomen.

Crone, Wise Woman, Elder
Another great site, created especially for women of mid-life and beyond. Has comprehensive reading lists, lots of interesting links to explore, and a chat room too.

Ceremony and Ritual
Go to wise woman Bayla's website www.croning.org to
read her eloquent words about the 'croning' process and see her creative ideas for ceremonies which honour this special rite of passage - oh and while you're there, check out her amazing gourds. Links here to 'Eco-crones' message boards, too.

 Awakened Woman
A lovely website with good links and a newsletter full of up-to-the minute stuff for activist women

 Gorgeous Graphics
Take a look at graphic designer Cate Kerr's enchanting website with special crone pages, reading lists and links to lots of other good crone sites. You'll love her gorgeous graphics - and she's happy for us to borrow them, too, bless her heart. Click here to go straight to her 'Crone Pages' but be sure and check out her other pages too - they are well worth visiting. http://www.geocities.com/kerrdelune/crone_pages.html

....And speaking of graphics,  please visit Sandra Stanton's site "THE GODDESS IN WORLD MYTHOLOGY." Sandra has painted every goddess you could think of and posted all the paintings on her site, each accompanied by a full explanation. What an opus! What I especially love about her images is that she uses live models for all of them. So these are real, living, breathing women, not stylized "beauties." And that is so very appropriate. For what is so different about the Goddess is that we don't worship her - we live her.

You will find Sandra's home page at: http://www.goddessmyths.com/index.html


What about.....


  Music from Canada

Pauline Le Bel honors the archetype of the Wise Old Woman in her one-woman show:
When the Grandmothers Speak, a weaving of song, poetry, dance and improvisation which portrays old age not as a failure, but as a ripening juicy, wise, and prophetic time for women and men.

Pauline's CD, Dancing with the Crone, a tapestry of world beat, Celtic and gypsy music, and African chant is available from: www.suncoastarts.com/paulinelebel.html

Music from Australia

The inimitable, one and only
Anique Radiant Heart

sings songs of the Goddess in a voice that truly was made in Heaven. Check out her website at:


 Carolyn Heilbrun's book The Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty, is definitely worth a read

Alan Chinen's In the Ever After: Fairy Tales and the Second Half of Life is interesting. A Jungian perspective, using fairy tales from all over the world to illustrate the special, psychological tasks of aging


A "must-read" for every woman of forty and over, is The Watercolor Bedroom
by Daphne Stevens
"....a delightful, personal, nurturing peek into one woman's journey of creating a life that fits for her - a truly comforting, wise Grandmother God life. A blend of A Room of One's Own and The Woman's Comfort Book" Daphne's website is: www.daphnestevens.com

Go to the Book Purchase Page to buy any of these titles

 (or if possible, support your local, independent bookstore and order them there)


 Menopause Resources:


Check out this wonderful and comprehensive, UK -based resource site for "pausing" women. "MIDLIFE AND MENOPAUSE: CHANGING BODIES, CHANGING LIVES."

(click on the feathers)

 "Fly with it, featherbed yourself or float through it - it's your future!"


Alexandra Pope, author of :
The Wild Genie:
The Healing Power of Menstruation

runs workshops for women, both in Australia and in the UK, on the wisdom of menstruation. Through her workshops, women learn to reclaim the menstrual cycle as a psychospiritual process for cultivating deep authority and wisdom. Read more about Alexandra and her work at

 And while we are on the topic of menstruation…..

A 'Moon Diary' might be the
perfect gift for a woman you know.

Moon Diary Products bring you the world of Lunar Lore, Moon Stories of many cultures and ideas for simple but powerful ritual. These are tools for the journey that come from the wellspring of the Feminine Soul, encouraging sensory awareness,
pleasure and celebration of Feminine
Through this site you can also journey into the world of the rich traditions of Women's Performance Art as well as have your Natal Moon sign and phase
calculated and interpreted. (Click on the picture).

Click on to
www.power-surge.com for an upbeat and informative approach to menopause. A fully comprehensive list of pretty well every book in print on this topic can be found in their bookstore.
Also, go to the Feminist Women's Health Center website on www.fwhc.org and read Carol Leonard's instructive (and funny) rundown on all things menopausal, entitled Hotter Than a Red-Assed Bee

And here's a video, by Kathleen Loughlin.........

This hot fiery video is dedicated to the proposition that women love to watch and listen to other women like themselves grapple with ideas about the B I G things that happen to us around the time of
M E N O P A U S E because they can then continue the process themselves...

 On the subject of wrinkles....
Rose Rosetree is a face and aura reader, with a lot of interesting things to say about those.
She has published a book entitled:
Wrinkles are God's Make-up.
Rose says:
" As a professional Face Reader, I'm here to remind you that vanity procedures have consequences that doctors won't tell you. ...."
Click here to go to Rose's website and read the rest of her article "BOTOX, SCHMOTOX!"

Exploring what we think, know and imagine about growing old in the 21st Century.
reports from Canada on current research, and highlights people, best practices and resources from around the world that inform and inspire.
Visit www.AgingHorizons.com

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If you are one of the vast cohort of 'baby boom' women, here's a website just for you

...and then there is...
A site for anyone who believes that growing older is a time for passionate living and that the years ahead, though they may call us to new paths, can be the best ones yet."

Here's yet another interesting website to explore...

...and speaking of journeys...

Ann Quinlan and Frederica Chapman ask: "Where do you go for retreat and renewal? What place do you chose for that unique, previously undiscovered experience? Let us bring you to the lush green land of Ireland, where we will witness, explore, encircle, sing, journal, and receive the nurturance that Ireland and our group will offer...."
If you have ever fancied a Celtic journey, in the company of a small group of women, led by experienced and deeply spiritual guides, check out Ann and Frederica's luscious website at

Here are some links for both elderwomen and eldermen

SeniorMatch.com - The premium dating site for senior friends and singles.



The project, based in south Devon, England, aims to foster positive and creative attitudes to the later years of life and to develop the theory and practice of eldership in society. For further details, click on http://www.eldership.net


The Elderwomen’s Connection is a weekend event organised by Women Of Wisdom in New Zealand. It will be held the first weekend of Mar 2007 (Fri 2nd-Sun4th) at the Taipa Bay Resort in the Far North of New Zealand. The goal is to provide a forum where Elderwomen can meet and share wisdom, life experiences and the celebration of the 3rd Stage of their lives. Women of all ages are welcome.. We will offer workshop experiences, ideas, discussion and connection time in a safe and supportive environment. We encourage Elderwomen to embrace an enjoyable, productive 3rd age, a time of ever increase wisdom. Our website is www.womenofwisdom.org.nz .

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