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Seven Steps to the Simple Life


Do you want to simplify your life ?

If so, read The Lilypad List

It's all in there. Straight from the frog's mouth.

"The author writes with the quiet authority of someone who has, through a lifetime of experience, really achieved a simple life, both externally and more importantly, internally. She uses the metaphor of her garden frog pond throughout to delightfully reinforce the natural rhythms and cycles of life that are key to understanding how to live more lightly on the earth, yet feel more satisfied. It is as much about breaking habits as it is about chopping wood, as much about taking delight in small things, as about taking your cans for recycling, and can be achieved just as well in the city centre as in the depths of the countryside. Anyone who is regularly over-worked, stressed and "coping by consuming" would do well to read this." Pilgrims Mind-Body-Spirit Magazine

The Lilypad List is a small book with a big message - how to live more simply and appropriately on our increasingly overcrowded planet.


For, as Ghandi once said,
what we need to learn to do is to
"Live simply, that others may simply live."


Illustrated with many delightful drawings of frogs, by Australian wildlife artist Iris Hill

One third of all royalties to DAPTF (Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force)

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