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"In our youth-orientated culture, this book is a breath of fresh air for those of us over the age of fifty." Christiane Northrup, MD


"The genius of Marian McCain's book replaces apprehension with a sense of the rightness and naturalness about the whole process of life from beginning to end." Gay Luce



"Blending ancient wisdom with down-to-earth common sense, science with spirituality and humor with poetry, Marian Van Eyk McCain leads us beyond conventional thinking and into a new world of possibility ....A wonderful new book.." Natural Life Magazine May/June 2002

 "A powerful and uplifting message of strength, balance, and love"
Midwest Book Review
August 2002


ISBN 1-899171-29-0

paperback 288pp

Findhorn Press, March 2002


"Always years ahead of others in her field, Marian has done it again." John W. Travis, MD


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".. a rare and beautiful gem of a guidebook.. precious nectar for a booming generation." Brooke Medicine Eagle


"I will use it as a map for years to come." Chellis Glendinning


"An inspiring and uplifting book for those of us who are entering the afternoon of our lives. " Satish Kumar


 "McCain's second book is an articulation of her vision for the healing of the planet's damaged ecosystems and an answer to modern women's angst about aging"
Intuition for Women May 2002

"This book is truly an inspiration "
Gladys Taylor McGarey MD

"...this book is a bible for our time, when the postwar girls are reaching maturity"
New Times
November, 2002

 In 1991 I wrote Transformation through Menopause which explored the psychological and spiritual aspects of menopause. These were aspects which, at that time, had received very little attention, but I believed that many of the "baby-boom" generation of women needed a redefinition of menopause as an important inner experience - a rite of passage. My prediction was correct. There are many similar books on the shelves today, and more keep appearing.

I see the next challenge for this generation of women as the acceptance of aging as something to be fully and consciously experienced rather than denied and avoided. Lived this way, the "third age" is the crowning phase of womanhood. Hence my new book - Elderwoman.

Elderwoman is more than just a book about aging gracefully, however. Along with other, recently-published titles like Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi's From Aging to Sage-ing, Ram Dass's Still Here and Theodore Roszak's America the Wise, it endorses the idea that elderhood is an important time of wisdom, responsibility and service and that Western society is ripe for a massive re-empowerment of its older members so that they may become true elders. This book, however, is written specifically for women, since I believe their role in this cultural shift is a crucial one.

It joins Jean Shinoda Bolen's new book Goddesses in Older Women in providing the post-menopausal woman of the 21st Century with a map to guide her steps as she moves into this third leg of the female journey and discovers that it is, in many ways, the best bit of all.

This is an interactive book, inviting its readers to reflect on their own experiences as they read. It includes self-help exercises drawn from my years as a therapist and workshop leader. It draws on developmental and Jungian psychology, ecopsychology, deep ecology, spirituality, and ecofeminist philosophy, yet is written in a clear, jargon-free language which renders it accessible to all, regardless of educational standard, color, race, belief system, socio-economic level or sexual persuasion.


I was recently interviewed on "THE MERIA HELLER SHOW" www.Meria.net
You can listen to the interview by clicking on
Meria With Marian Van Eyk McCain

Meria describes the interview thus: "
We discuss the pleasures and joys of aging and why our society doesn't promote feeling good at any age. Obsessed with the youth culture and "beauty" many women forget how beautiful they truly are down to a soul level. Learning how to develop and live a simplified life after menopause is the topic of discussion, with lots of humor. Marian is a delightful author and speaker. This is a good show for men to hear as well, to make their lives easier by understanding their women more. What's the difference between being an old woman or an elderwoman? How do the elements air, earth, water and fire relate to you as a woman? How do you relate to the planet? Do you have a soul? How to care for and develop your aging body and your soul. With over 50 million woman in this age group we can change the world through simple learnings or "Medicine" that Marian outlines in her book. Would anyone dare say that a tree isn't beautiful because it's old? Women are no different. As you enter the third phase of your life there is a lot you can do for yourself and the planet. How to live a radical life is also discussed. The freedom and joys of aging and how each decade does indeed offer much to all of us. Aging is and can be a positive thing for all of us. Love to see a similar book for men. When we can truly appreciate the wonders of all life and it's stages we can enjoy the wonders of nature all around us as well. How does power differ in a woman than a man? Again, this is a delightful interview to share with all women and men you know." 

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