What is she like, this Elderwoman?

crone dreaming by Teresa Madison - reproduced with permission

What I have realized is that if a woman approaches old age with fear and trepidation, with denial, dread or even just with resignation, she will simply become an old woman. On the other hand, if she approaches it with curiosity, expectancy, joyful acceptance, a passion to be of service and the willingness to explore new territory, she will find herself becoming an elderwoman.

The world needs elderwomen. In fact, it is my belief that the elderwomen of tomorrow will be one of the most significant groups in our society. It is they who will lead the way out of the social and environmental chaos in which our world now finds itself. (Why specifically elderwomen? Well you will have to read the whole book to see how I justify THAT assertion!)

So what is she like, this elderwoman?

One thing I know, is that no two are alike! But they do have certain things in common. If I had to make a list of the typical qualities of the elderwoman it would go something like this:


  Full aliveness (you can see this in her eyes and feel it in the air around her)

  Wisdom. Her own life's experience is now as important and useful as her knowledge

  Power. Not power OVER anyone. Just a feeling of inner strength that goes with her everywhere

  Freedom. The ability to shrug off the constrictions of social convention and be a free spirit

  Passion. Caring deeply about her world, and serving it in some way, great or small

  Compassion. The ability to feel for - and with - others without becoming swamped

  Simplicity. A diminished need to collect "stuff." Delight in quiet and in simple pleasures


On the next page, you will find an excerpt from Elderwoman entitled "The Other Side of the Mountain," where I talk about this wonderful feeling of lightness which can come with aging

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