Thetis Publications was born out of the frustration many aspiring writers suffer in trying to get work published.

‘Off-the-Wall Walking’ is the first book to receive the Thetis treatment.

We are delighted to announce that it was judged the winner in the Local Interest category of the Self-Publishing Awards 2008, conferred by the David St.John Thomas Charitable Trust. Having also been shortlisted for the Marketing Award in that category, Laurence was then thrilled to receive the overall 2008 Marketing Award and the Silver Cup that went with it.

To help make the route to self-publishing more accessible for new writers, it is planned to produce a booklet drawing together advice on preparation of manuscripts, the formatting of a text and cover design, together with up-to-date information on the marketing and selling of work. The focus of the advice will specifically be on non-fiction.

If you might like to follow this up, feel free to register your interest with an email and we will contact you as and when the booklet becomes available.


For those who like to be informed on such matters, Thetis was a sea nymph goddess in Greek mythology, ordained by the gods to be married to a mortal, Peleus. She was able to take on many different forms and fated to have a son, Achilles, more powerful than his father. Thetis, similarly, aims to help the inspired words of writers find a fitting form to communicate most effectively in an information-overloaded world. Never to be overlooked are the difficulties to be overcome, not least an Achilles’ heel one might not be aware of! However, if there is one lesson to come out of ‘Off-the-Wall Walking’, it is that the problems one faces – such as blisters – may be the very means of asserting a totally unexpected and enlightening direction one might never otherwise have thought of.

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