The Start of the Odyssey...

'OFF THE WALL WALKING:A different kind of journey' By Laurence Shelley
Launched , September 2007

A journey can lead you in unimaginable directions … if you let it. The writer planned to trek the 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall Path, taking in notable Roman sites on the way. That much almost went to plan. Hardly anything else did.

A persuasive horoscope and untimely blisters diverted him from the start. But these and other diversions, such as wheel lobbing, bus trip bodging and sandal begging, brought lessons he couldn’t have anticipated and with them a new sense of direction, an inner journey.

Challenging attitudes as much as feet, the walk changed to an intriguing mind game, with rules made up as he went along and all played out against the epic backdrop of Roman history. Following his twists and turns you can expect the unexpected and discover how any journey can take you from travelling to being transported.

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