Yes, Facebook is fun and so are some of the other social networking sites.
But do you feel totally comfortable there? Are they full of people you can relate deeply to? Women who share your interests? Women of age and experience you can talk to about the things that really matter?

If you answered "Er.. well, not really", then come and join


This is a new, social networking site exclusive to elderwomen.
It has members from all over the world.


Elderwomanspace is a private, password-protected network and membership - which is free -  is strictly by invitation only.

But if you don't know anyone who could invite you, and if, from browsing this website or reading Marian's books, you feel a sense of connection with ideas expressed here, then simply sign up for the Elderwoman Newsletter. It's free.

When you sign up, add a few words about who and where you are and why you would like to join the Elderwomanspace network and Marian will send you an invitation.

To sign up, just send Marian an email

Then, if you find the network to your liking,
invite your female, 'third age' friends to join you there.

See you in elderwomanspace ....


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