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Works of fiction byMarian Van Eyk McCain

Marian Van Eyk McCain, formerly a psychotherapist and workshop leader, now devotes herself to writing full-time. She is best-known for her non-fiction books. The first of these, Transformation through Menopause (1991), which reviewers described as ‘…an heirloom quality book honoring the pathways of women’, was inspired by postgraduate research into the psychology of mid-life which she undertook when she herself was in her fifties. 

The second, ELDERWOMAN: reap the wisdom, feel the power, embrace the joy (2002), was a further development on the theme of women and 'successful' aging. 

Although her third book, The Lilypad List: 7 steps to the simple life (2004) and several subsequent ones were a departure from this theme, she returned to it in fiction, with The Bird Menders., her first full-length novel, where it is combined with a tender and unusual story of love and healing. Click here for more details and purchase options.

Marian has also been writing short stories for many years. Some have been published and several have won prizes in competitions. One of these, a 5,000-word story entitled Waiting a While for Greeneyes, was published as a ‘mini pocket book’ by Leaf Books, of Glamorgan, Wales.

Twenty more have been published in a collection under the title Apricot Harvest. Click here to read more about these stories and how to purchase the book..

Marian is also a free-lance writer, book reviewer, columnist and editor. She welcomes visitors to her  website at and to her blog.

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